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Tips for writing Review text

Some dos and don’ts of writing book reviews
Dos –
·         State how you feel about the story overall. Did you get emotionally involved?
·         Example: I cried at the ending. What happens to the main character is something I can easily refer t.
·         Point out what you liked about the plot. The setting. The season. Time period. The writer’s ability. Anything that moved you.
·         Example The description of the customers during the time period came alive for me.
·         Talk about your favourite character. Do you love a certain character or were they the type  you love to hate?
Example : The villain in this story was so real, I couldn’t help hating him.
·         Tell if the author writes a great tale. Have you read this author’s books before? Would you give them again?
Example: This story was fantastic from beginning to end, it was really breathtaking. I’ll definitely check out this author’s next book.
·         Be careful what you say. Comment on the book, not the writer.
Example: This was an interesting book, but not what I expected from this great writer.
·         Recommend the book. Of course, a positive review is the best recommendation, but if the book disappoints, you should have the courage to say so and why.
Example: without  reservation, I heartily recommend this book.
·         Be honest. Write an honest review if the book moves you, say so and why. Likewise, if you find the book uninteresting, say so and why.
Example: I read the story twice, it really fills me with the hope for the characters.

  • Excessive criticize. Make it constructive critique. Critism is an essential  part of a review, but remain objective to the extent possible.
Example: The setting for this story was perfect. But I really wish more of the history of the time period could have been included.
  • Write about how the book may have offended you. If it did, you should have simply stopped reading it.
Example: This story went against my religious principles.
  • Plan vengeance and retaliation. If you’re sorry you bought the book, resell it on Amazon, Alibris or any other place on the internet, even your own local used-book shops.
Example: I hate this story. I want my money back.
  • Never make negative comments about the writer. Focus on the story only. It’s okay to say that you felt  the writer didn’t get his/her point across, or could have more thoroughly described the characters, etc.
Example: The writer knows nothing about the topic.

Guidelines for writing Review:
Title     :__________________________
Writer : _________________________
(Place the work in its general and particular context)
Interpretative Recount:
(Provide an evaluation(s) of the work including positive and negative aspect
Evaluative Summation
(State your opinionof the book as a whole)

(Source: http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin)

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