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Critics written by the students of XII Exact Science 4 SMA 15 Palembang

This is our opinion about you Sir. We try to be honest and we really sorry if we hurt your feeling, Sir.  Hope, you will forgive us and yoy will understand J


Criticism for Mr. Edi Suhara
    Over all, Mr Edi Suhara is the teacher who has extensive knowledge of the English language, as seen from a manner of speaking, mastery of grammar and others. terms of the way teaching has also been using a method that is quite persuasive. firmly in giving warning to students chatting or doing other activities in class.  As we know sir, Nobody  is perfect. And also with you sir, would be better if sir amplify the  voice volume while teaching. so it’s  could not  cause saturation effects and drowsiness. and some students that I surveyed also say like that sir.       Besides that I want to criticize about effectiveness  timing problem sir, I have often noticed that sir is less focus on the material discussed. arguably pedantic. sir should pay more attention about how important the material is to be discussed long. sometimes it is beyond a joke most of the learning. but over all sir is the person responsible for the teaching hours. most disciplined time and i like it. a bit of advice sir, it would be nice if the games are held every 10 minutes after learning. Kindly of quiz. But the game should be related with the lesson. To make students understanding of the material more good. last from me sir, keep istiqomah uphold the noble task as exemplary teachers who educate the nation's children. do not forget to smile sir J it make you looks friendly and youthful.   And I’m sorry sir if you are offended. I just want to build something positive in yourself with a little criticism.  Wassalammu’alaikum wr,wb.

            Hello Sir.
            In my opinion, the way you teach us is quite boring. It makes me feel sleepy at the class. So, the atmosphere at class is tightening.
            I suggest you to find out the fun way to teach us. And try to hanging out with students which sitting in the back row. And you should make some games whn you teach  us. So the atmosphere at the class will  be feel more comfortable. Thankyou Sir. J

            Hi Sir.
            The way you are teaching us is pretty good. But your voice is to low. It’s hard to me to listen to you clearly. Beside, I sat in the back row. I hope that you will speak loudly so I can listen to you clearly. So, I can understand your lesson.
            I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling. I don’t mean to be. Thankyou J

            Good day, Sir.
            Okay, I’ll try to write what I’m thinking about you. First, your voice is too low, so that the guys from behind can’t hear you. Second, you really like to tell us story, it’s  nice, but you do it too often and too long that  make the main subject is forgotten. That make our matery progress seems so slow. And tells us too much story make us really bored. Plus your voice is low. Third, you are too sensitive. Because you’ll get angry when someone do something that guy doenst mean to do it, like yawning in the class. That doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t like you as a teachr. But, it’s a human’s habit. Well, I think that’s all. Somehow I’m sure that my critics is the same as the other guy. I’m sorry fo my harsh comments. I hope this will become usefull for you. I’m sorry and thank you. But, besides those things. I think you are one good teacher.

            Good Morning, Sir.
            Sir, don’t get angry easily. Sometimes I just confuse with your emotion. Then, I never try to mocking you. I’m affraid to ask you a question, because I’m affraid that you think I’m not appreciate you. And I suggest you to speak loudly, so I can hear you clearly and understand you.
Thanks you, Sir.

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            Before I tell you about my critics. I would like to say sorry to you, Sir. First, your voice to low, so I can’t hear you clearly. Second, you seldom to explain on the white board. Third, to be honest it’s hard to me to understand your explanation.
            I suggest you to speak loudly and give us note, so we can learn it at home. That’s all my critics. Thank you for teaching us this year. I really appreciate it. Fighting! J

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            Sir, before I tell you about my criticism, I say sorry. I try to be honest. Only one mistake that you made when you teach us. Your voice to low when explain about lesson. I sit beside the class so it’s hard to listen to you. I suggest you when you explain the lesson you should walk arround the class so, all of the students can hear your explanation clearly. That’s all my opinion about you. I’m sorry.
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

            Hello Sir.
            Sir, don’t get mad easily because we never talk bad about you. So the class will not feel stff tightly. And I suggest you to rileks when you teach us and enjoy it. So we can understand you. And i suggest you to speak loudly so we can hear your voice clearly. Thank you, Sir.

            Good Morning, Sir
            Sir actually the way you tell us the lesson is pretty good. But the problem are your voice to low and you speak in English too much.
            So, I suggest you to speak loudly and explain the lesson not to much in English but also balance in Bahasa Indonesia. And I suggest you not to get angry easily so you should contol your emotion. I try to be honest, Sir. Hehe. Thank you.

            Hello Sir.
            Sir, please not to get angry easily, I just feel afraid of you.
            I suggest you to be rileks when you explain us the lesson. So I will not be afraid of you. Please not to get angry easily.  Thank you Sir. I’m sorry before. Good luck, Sir.

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            To be honest, I love to learn English with you. But sometimes, class feel so tightening. And i feel sleepy. I suggest you to change the way you teach us. You should more relaks. And you shouldny get angry easily,Sir. Because if you do, class fell unhappy. Thank you, Sir.

            Hello Sir
            I really appreciate you, Sir. But I’m really sorry, your voice to low, so most of student hard to listen to you clearly. Only few student that understand you. And lately you get angry easily. I suggest you to focus to the lesson and not  focus to the something doesnt necessary.
            For now, I just feel whn I learn English, it’s quite boring. I still remember, you ever talk topic that quite mature. I suggest you to do not talk about it anymore. And you should not get angry easily and to speak loudly and focus to the one topic. Thank you, Sir.

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            Before I tell you my criticism, I say sorry first to you. To be honest, I can’t critic someone. But there’s one thing about you that you should change. It’s about your focusness to the one topic. Sometimes you discuss about one topic, then you are goint to discuss another topic.
            I suggest you to focus to the one topic that you must explain to us. Because, we are going to facing the national exam. I think that’s all. Thank you, Sir.

            Hello Sir
            I thanked you for your knwoledge that you give to us. It mean a lot to us. I wish that knowledge will be give us advantages for our live.
            But no body’s perfect, there will be some mistakes in our live. When I’m learning English with you, I really want to give you some criticism about the way you teach us. In my opinion, you are not to active and innovative when exlain us the lesson. Then, your voice too low, so we cant listen you clearly. And you easily to get angry. All of the little thing we do, you taught was a wrong thing. And you talk too much about something doesn’t necessary for the lesson. So I suggest you to speak loudly, not to easily get angry, and just talk something that necessary to the lesson. I think that’s all thank you.

            Hello Sir
            I think you kind of good person. And you are the best English teacher in this school. But, you really sensitive. Every you teach us you always get angry and mad to us. When you teach us, your sound too low. And every student at class can bot listen to you clearly and confuse. And your jokes not funny enough. We’re not understand what you say and we dont know what is the jokes about.
            I suggest you  to not get angry anymore. Because if you get angry you look like angry birds. Haha. I’m joking, Sir. We lov you so much, Sir. We hope you can be better than yesteday. Keep smile and friendly with student. You are the best, Sir.

            Assalamualaikum, Sir
            Sir, I really sorry because I criticism you, that older than me. I like to learn English with you, but I feel nervouse too. When you explain you like to talk something doesn’t necessary. And you like to comment about little thing. And it makes us so nervouse. But behind that all, you such a good teacher. You love to give us high sccore and if you get angry at first, you will forget it like nothing happen before. I suggest you not to get angry easily and focus to the lesson. Thank you, Sir.

            Good Day, Sir
            I’m sorry  before, I want to tell you about my criticism for  you. I think when you told us some jokes it’s too boring and not too funny. And sometimes the lesson that you explain at the class were not written onn the text book. And sometimes you get angry about little thing that doesn’t necessary. Every time you teach us I just feel sleepy, and it’s quite boring. Meanwhile, I love to learn English. I suggest you to not get angry easily then try to teach us more fun. So we don’t feel bored anymore. Thank you, Sir.

            Hello Sir
            In my opinion you such a good teacher. You can handle the lesson that you explan at the class pretty good. But, I’m sorry before but when you try to tell us soe jokes we dont know that was a joke because we don’t understand it clearly. And sometime, when you explain the lesson it just feel boring. Your voice to low, and you get angry easily. I hope tou can change it, Sir. I suggest you to not get angry easily and try to speak loudly and control your emotion.

            Hello Sir
            I’m sorry before because I want to critic the way you teach us.
            I think the lesson that you tell to us is good. But, when you explain  it, it’s hard for me to listen it clearly because your voice is to low. So I can’t understand it . And lately, you get angry easily. It makes me afraid to do something. I dont mean to not appreciate you but I just want suggest you to change into the good way. Thank you, Sir.

            Assalamualaikum, Sir
            I want to critic you. In order to make the way teach us become better. Fro the way you explain us the lesson, it is good enough. But, in order it become better again, you should speak loduly then the articulation should be cleared. We don’t really understand you. An while you explain to us, dont talk too fast. For those who not really good at English it’s really hard. Beofe that I’m sorry for this criticism. I don’t mean to make you down but I hope you will rise up. In order to the future this will be useful for us. Thank you.

            Hello Sir
            In my opininon you such a certain teacher, but because of it, it makes me afraid to express my feeling. So the atmosphere at class feel so boring. I suggest you to be more humoris and not to get angry easily. Because, to be honest we never try not to appreciate you, Sir. Thank you.

            Assalamualaikum, Sir
            I think the way you are teaching us is really good and I can understand. But sometimes it feels so boring and you too fast when you explan. Then you get angry easily. You like to tell some jokes but sometimes it’s not funny. And your voice to low, so I can’t hear you clearly. I suggest you to speak  loudly and ot too fast when explain the lesson. Not all of the student can understand you. So, we as a student can feel comfortable if you not gt angry easily. You should know which student that need extra help, and you should make them understand your lesson. And you should hang out with the student who seat on the back row. Thank you.


            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            I think when you teach us, your voice too low. And your articulation its hard to understand. And lately your emotion is labil. Whatever we did at the class you thaught it was wrong. And you explain the lesson too fast. Now, learning English not too much fun. Maybe you such a perfection teacher,it’s good. But not all of student can be what you wannabe. But, I’m glad that you teach us, because you such a certain teacher.

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
            Sir, please not to get angry easily. If there’s a mistake that we did, please understand it. And not to give us so much homework because another teacher give us a lot ot of homework too. Please understand us. But keep calm, be the certain teacher. And please give us note and you should write down on the white board, so we can understand what are you talking about. And not forget the lesson quickly.
            Assalamualaikum Sir
            Sir i try to be honest. At first I’m glad that you teach us, because you kind of on time teacher.  You diffrent from the other teacher. You never lazy to teach us, and that’s why I love English so much because the teacher is really good. And I like to listen your experience and your jokes, altough your jokes not too funny. But lately, you get angry easily, and it makes the class feel tightening, and English becomes not too attractive. You should not to get angry easily, and forgive us for being not appreciate you, but we dont mean to be. And try to give funny jokes that teenager will understand. And you should hang out with the student who seats at the back row. They need help for learn English. That’s all Sir, I;m sorry if I hurt your feeling. Keep calm and friendly. Hehe. Thank you.

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