Senin, 05 Desember 2011

26th Sea Games Palembang South Sumatra

Palembang is one of the city where the 26th Sea Games were held. Another city which was also as the host is Jakarta. Palembang is the first city out of java island which was trusted to be the host of the 26th Sea Games.

Many students in Palembang were involved to support Indonesia, and even other nations. Some people do not agree why the students should be involved, more over to support other nations. In their opinion, it doesn't teach them to be nationalist or loyal to their own country, Indonesia. But some people think it doesn't mean that the students are not loyal to their own country just because of supporting other nations. It is just for the shake of friendship. So, the athletes from other countries will feel welcome as friend, not enemies.

However, the students were happy to do that. Besides giving support to the foreign athletes,they could see how the athletes were struggling or fighting against their opponents sportively. So, By watching the games, they could motivate themselves to be honest, patient, cooperative, and care to each other.The most important thing is that sport can make good friendship among the south east countries.

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