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            Great work that Indonesia,  Republic of Indonesia Vice President, Jusuf Kalla officially opened the 17th AUG and commented that there are two important things for Indonesia from this event. That is happiness to share, where we can see student representations from 11 ASEAN countries gathered, acquinted, and befriended one another, also the air of competition where they competed individually. “The 2014 AUG is giving us hope, because they (the students) who are competing right now will determined ASEAN future. AUG become an important milestone as we are entering ASEAN Economics Society in 2015,” said Jusuf Kalla. 

To the vice president, the 17th AUG event in Palembang, with the motto of ‘One Heart One ASEAN’ become a symbol of friendship and achievements in both sports and economics. Kalla expressed that he is proud of Indonesia, because this is a starting point to other ASEAN countries’ success.

The 17th AUG of Karate Competition was held from December 10th, 2014 until December 13th, 2014. There are 51 medals for the competition which consist of 17 Gold Medals, 17 Silver medals and 17 Bronze medals.

AUG is a biannual event that is held by an ASEAN country appointed by the ASEAN University Sports Council (AUSC). 

This report is issued by The division of Sport Information Center (SIC) of karate sport. We hope it can give more information about the 17th Asean University Games of karate sport which was held at Graha Serba Guna Jakabaring Palembang Sport City

                                                                        Palembang, December 20, 2014

                                                                                                The Sport Information Center
1.      Drs. Edy Suhara, MM
2.      Ir. Bambang
3.      Akhmad Yuliansyah, S.Pd

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