Rabu, 18 September 2013


1.             VENUE AND SCHEDULE 17.1 Karate competition shall be organized in Palembang, South Sumatera during the period from September 23rd – 26th 2013.
2.             17.2 Karate competitions shall be staged in Sriwijaya Promotion Centre, Palembang, South Sumatera.
3.             17.3 Training venues have been prepared for the participating teams according to a schedule made by the Organizing Committee and distributed to the teams participating in the Games.
5.             TECHNICAL MEETING 18.1 The technical meeting shall be held on September 22nd 2013.
.               18.2 The meeting shall be attended by: Technical Delegate
.               Representatives of the sport Referees and Judges’ Committee.
.               Two members of each team (official and coach).

18.3 The meeting aims at providing the necessary information on the progress of events as well as the explanations related to the implementation of the Rules of the International Federation and the provisions of the sport Technical Regulations.

1.             EVENTS AND PARTICIPATION 19.1 Karate competitions shall not be held unless at least four (4) countries participate. The Organizing Committee and the Supervision & Coordination Committee may opt to organize events that do not meet the said requirement, if deemed necessary for the success of the Games.
2.             19.2 Individual competitions, in which one (1) or more competitors represent the same country in each event, shall be held if the participants are at least four (4) competitors from four (4) different countries.
3.     19.3 Every National Olympic Committee (NOC) whose National Federation is affiliated to the WKF is entitled to participate with a delegation of 11 male competitors + 1 Team Official + 2 coaches + 1 Paramedic + 1
Referee. If a National Olympic Committee participates in Women events, the following support team shall be added: 9 female competitors + 1 Team Official + 2 coaches + 1 Referee. The number of officials shall not exceed 50% of the total number of athletes.

.               RULES AND REGULATION 20.1 Karate competitions shall be carried out in accordance with the World Karate Federation (WKF) Rules. In the case of any controversy over the interpretation of rules, the English version of the WKF rules shall be considered binding. Issues that are not covered shall be dealt with according to the following: For technical matters, the WKF Rules are binding.
.               For general matters, ISG Basic regulations, General Rules and this Technical Handbook should be consulted

20.2 The competition system shall be determined in accordance with the number of participating teams and the WKF Rules and this Handbook.

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